The Rabbids are having a lovely day flash backing to when they first met Rayman and decided to go on a picnic. What a grand idea, Rabbids running around hunting down other characters, until they find this crazy scientist guy. Who kidnaps all the Rabbids and puts them into a machine which transports them into other games.

So what games would the Rabbids travel to, and more importantly, what would be great games themselves? Digging up some game titles I remember playing and trying to convincingly pitch a Rabbid title with those themes, here they are, the list of crazy Rabbid games.

First up is an interesting mash up, Rabbids and Luigis Mansion. Deep down, Rabbids are scared of anything. So its amazing that Ubisoft hasn’t paired them up with some ghosts yet. Ghosts are fun, ghosts are interesting- and the same can be said for Rabbids. Imagine Rabbids going around been scared of ghosts, and vacuuming them up for an evil scientist. It would be awesome.

Next the Rabbids go to Forza. Our Rabbids find themselves inside a big fast car. After their initial inquisitive stage the Rabbids hit the accelerator by mistake and go flying. They then figure out how to drive the thing, spin it around look at another Rabbid whos having trouble- stick their finger at them and speed off. You then take control of the other Rabbid and race after them in a dragstrip race.

Rabbids are at it again in Lost in Blue. I think Rabbids trying to surivive for their life would be awesome. If not Lost in Blue- Ubisofts I am Alive. It just needs that raw grunt of surivival with Rabbids. Them running around hunting and all that would be a laugh and a half. Rabbids wouldn’t have the survival skills, and while a person in Lost in Blue doing nothing is stupid, in Rabbids Survival it would be hilarious, can’t go to water? What are you a Rabbid. They would then try and go to water, but they will hit things and fall over, and eat and all that random stuff Rabbids are known for.

Finally Rabbids find themselves in a little trouble in Pokemon. Our Rabbids find themselves in a field and find of course a Pokeball. Hitting it like they usually do and then becoming angry when it doesn’t open- well it obviously opens from there and a big scary Pokemon is looking at them. They then run away to find a Pokemon trainer who goes “wow I never seen this type before” then tries to catch them. Gameplay could be like hide and go seek, with a bit of Pokemon thrown in. Rabbids could be able to pick up Pokeballs and use them to defend themselves etc.