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Trinest Creates: Honey, Cheese and Jam Sandwich

Trinest Creates: Honey, Cheese and Jam Sandwich

It has been awhile since I have blogged on my own personal site, and in a bid to feel “clean” and “refreshed” after a trademarked redesign I need what every freshly crafted website needs. Not only an introductory post explaining the lack of awesome articles for a while, but a test article, the first of many to define the structure of the layout.

If we compare the structure of a website layout to the perfectly crafted structure of a sandwich then there is only one way to reintroduce myself to my forte of blogging, which is to talk about the best sandwich you will ever have. I challenge you right now to go out and make it yourself, because you will not be disappointed.

What this sandwich is, is the worlds worst kept secret- at least from me. I have often tweeted, blogged or used other social networks to extend my satisfaction to what could only be my greatest achievement. The creation of a flavour sensation so complex yet so bizarrely simple I am often surprised that when I perform a Google search in the endeavour to find someone else as crazy as I am to make such a combination that I come short. You might have seen people talk about making Jam and Honey sandwiches, or Jam and Cheese, or even Honey and Cheese but never this combination I am about to blow your mind with.

It is Honey, Cheese and Strawberry Jam on one sandwich. Something I was apparently asking for when I was three, but with no proper origin like that weird S kids draw to appear cool.

I am not going to tell you how to make your sandwich; you can use whatever brand you want, plastic or real cheese, or toast the bread if you want. But there is one golden rule which you must follow and that is honey must always go on the end slices if you are using them.

Because while I am not going to tell you how to make your sandwich I will tell you how to eat it and when you don’t follow that rule it destroys the flavour balance. Firstly, as you eat the sandwich you should always have the honey piece on top. It is that first bite of honey which sets up the pallet to enjoy the cheese and jam portion.

The reason why the honey should always be with the crust piece is because crust goes on top. It isn’t rocket science but at the end of the day it also helps that the honey balances out the crust texture, especially if toasted.

Otherwise as you enjoy this new taste sensation and slowly morph yourself into internet sensation Trinest in your daily life, just remember the jam isn’t limited to strawberry jam as well- it just is better if you follow my recommendation. I have used in the past apricot jam and found it just as good as the traditional flavour combination. But if I was to give one takeaway to you before you go wild and expand your knowledge of what a sandwich can be, is remembering to use sweeter spreads the stronger the berry the harsher it will be with the combination.

So in summery all you need to make this is the following:

  • 2x bread pieces per sandwich
  • Honey
  • Strawberry Jam (replaceable with other spreads)
  • Cheese
  • Margarine or Butter

As always when making a sandwich go nuts with the portions, just make sure you keep it even and go nuts on the reverse flavours side.