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Trinest Creates: White and Ruby Chocolate Rocky Road

Trinest Creates: White and Ruby Chocolate Rocky Road

The latest its thing has to be Ruby Chocolate, it is everywhere- but I am here to tell you I used it before it became cool. Because if you really wanted to cook with it, it has been accessible for quite some time. So, don’t be swayed by the world’s smallest chocolate block $2 KitKats when you could bulk buy some Ruby chocolate and make your own.

Wait no seriously, those chocolate blocks are so tiny, and like the cost of Ruby chocolate compared to chocolate in general really isn’t that much more expensive. Like it could have really been the size of a normal block of chocolate. But anyway, I digress, I’m rambling.

For those in the know, it was Easter a few weeks back and for this year I wanted to make Rocky Road. For those not in the know, Rocky Road is an Australian treat where we throw whatever crap we want in chocolate and call it a desert. I however am not fond of this technique and usually try and put stuff which makes sense together.

As one of the things I can make properly, I usually follow this recipe on Taste.com.au https://www.taste.com.au/recipes/white-chocolate-macadamia-rocky-road/d86b8b15-07ee-4488-a6a4-b8e6af6b1ed7

I make sure of course to cross optional off the Pistachios and put in a dash of Turkish Delight as well.

After procrastinating on if I should buy some Ruby Chocolate for quite some time, I ended up purchasing a 2.5kg bag for some reason. Well my though process was obviously it was cheaper to buy in bulk, and of course if I screw up melting the chocolate some how I then have a whole pile of substitute chocolate. Like it made sense to spend roughly around $80 on it. (Don’t quote me on that price I’m just throwing a random number in the air).

While once again my Rocky Road was top notch, with the opting for the Ruby Chocolate to be a nice top layer. The problem is it was impossible to taste that it was in there. Because for the most part the flavour profile of Ruby Chocolate matches quite similar to what White Chocolate and dried cranberries end up tasting like, or as my favourite go to explanation it really matches milk chocolate sultanas.

So yes, while I do recommend that if you wanted to try Ruby Chocolate and taste what it is to go for the KitKats, I also recommend making something fresh and exciting with it. Because at the end of the day despite the process behind it making some chocolate fanatics think it is just a marketing ploy, it is a funky new chocolate anyone can get behind.